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Industiral Design Car Sketch 2


At the start of any design process the key is to get as many ideas as possible and work through these and build on them to perfect the design.
Our concept modelling service allows us to work closely with your design team to generate 3d ideas fast, these can be used for renderings or prototypes to help visualise and test the idea.

A designer creates a prototype of modeli


Clay modelling is still a vital part of any automotive design program, at Barron Digital we are able to build on that, we can bring the scan in to the digital world and surface it, so it can be modified or we can check it against engineering hard points.

Image by Adrian Deweerdt


Virtual Reality is being used more and more in the Automotive design world. It is a essential tool to review designs for truly global corporations.
We are able to help make you 3D models look even more realistic in VR.

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